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44823_251872204956148_1441382990_nHello everyone! This is hard! Sharing my photos for the world to see. I grew up thin (photo above) but still dieted on and off and just kept gaining back what little I lose with even more. I knew obesity ran in my genes so I thought as long as I kept dieting I would be OK. Well that didn’t work. I ended up weighing a lot! So over time I realized dieting wasn’t working for me only making things worse. But I did notice that walking was like a miracle and as long as I did it. I slowly am losing weight and it’s not coming back but the biggest plus was my health was improving even though my weight loss was very little, again as long as I walked. Walking became my passion and pedometers changed my life! I found out it was the total steps that helped you in the long run. So I decided to make a blog all about my love for walking. I wanted to share with the world all my favorite walking tips, articles, sites, products with product reviews, fun walking games, virtual walking, walking clubs, trails, hiking, etc.. I just love it all!! So I hope you join my site or facebook page to get all the latest posts from me. I have so much to share that I have saved over time that has helped me! I hope it can help you too!

Here goes here is me so far! beforeandafter2015

Walking is saving my life! I have had a very long stressful year and even added insulin (lantus) to my Victoza. I do have Type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, etc. But through it all my steps have been my saving grace… 🙂 I am still really low on my average only 4500. But add more every month and slowly but surely the weight is coming off and NOT coming back. I am not dieting at all and am learning to love myself just like I am .. 🙂 It is hard but I am doing it!! And with one step at a time I will keep getting healthier and a nice side effect shrinking. But wherever the weight loss stops is OK with me as long as I keep getting my steps in and my health keeps improving.

Have a wonderful day today and get those steps in!!!

UPDATE!!!   March 29, 2017

My husband passed away, out of nowhere of a heart attack in Jan.  We were all in shock, still am!  I have let my walking go, it’s all I could do to keep on living.  But I know he wouldn’t want me to stop living and the doctors have told me it is time to get moving again, for my health.  It is hard but I can do it!   This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through and a part of me will be gone with him in heaven.  I will be kicking off my walking again April 1st, for National Walking month.  I hope you join me.  My new weight is 245, I will put up a current photo in the near future.  For now busy selling my home and moving to the city.  Love you all, and please get those steps in for your health.

Update:  Sept 2017

I have lost a total of 52 pounds so far.  Starting weight 285, current weight 233.  Still walking only, no dieting.  Yes, it is VERY slow but it is staying off, no more yo-yo up and down on the scale.  I can live with walking forever, it is so healthy for everyone.  Thin, plus size, young, old, doesn’t matter.. 🙂  I am still missing my husband very much, but know he would be so proud of me.

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