April Walks

Denise Austin


Denise is a very upbeat person.. 🙂 I have walked with her on VHS and cassettes. She is a little harder than Leslie Sansone but has great workouts too! You can get one of her latest walk tapes Denise Austin Fat Burning Walk at College Video: http://www.collagevideo.com/products/denise-austins-fat-burning-walk Certified instructor description:
A straight-forward, easy-to-follow workout that’s much more than just “indoor walking.” Sure, you’ll burn lots of fat with basic marches, kicks, jogs and side-steps. But Denise also maximizes the motivation by maximizing the variety; she includes everything from simple pulses and pumps to playful hip sways and soccer kicks. You also get a medley of directional and tempo changes (often structured in faster/slower “cardio interval” segments). A few sections even provide a toning benefit with fast-paced leg lifts and “standing crunches.” As always, Denise is an enthusiastic and chatty instructor. The DVD also includes a “bonus” abdominal workout — 10 minutes of fast-changing standing and matwork exercises. ©2013.

You can also visit her site https://www.deniseaustin.com/ and get Fall Fitness Freebies!

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