April Walks

Great Walk Challenge

To kick off National Walking Month, here is a challenge from Leslie Sansone!  The Great Walk Challenge, walk a mile a day from April 5th to July 13!!  You want to go here and sign up and download the free walking chart, see mine below.. 🙂

Then on April 5th, walk 1 mile a day for 100 days!  You can do it!!

You can get your mile in by:

-Doing a Leslie Tape, her walking app, etc.

-Getting 2000 steps in, that is 1 mile

-Walk a mile outside

-Break it up or do it all at once, just get them in.. 🙂  It is so easy, and what a wonderful habit to get into.  You will be doing so much for your health!

And then don’t forget to send your completed walking chart into Leslie and get a chance to win a Tip to Las Vegas!

Your walking friend,


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