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Jessica Smith


I just found a brand new person, Jessica Smith,  that does walking videos and dvd’s.  I haven’t had a chance to buy any yet but will.  I did do one of her free ones she offers and it was fun, little harder than Leslie Sansone’s.  For me I like the easier ones..lol  But you might prefer harder or maybe both for different times.  Here is some info below about her and her cute dog:


Our mission is to make fitness not only effective, but FUN!

Forget expensive gym memberships, extreme workout programs and fancy infomercial products… the key to success with any workout program, hands down, is CONSISTENCY.

Our goal is to help you find movement that you enjoy (and actually want to keep doing) so you’ll never have to “work” out another day in your life!

You won’t find any crazy exercises, revealing outfits or negative energy here; just common sense fitness, advice and support from a friend and certified fitness professional (and her french bulldog).

freevideos Click on the image for her free videos.

To get her Walk off Weight 30 day plan, click below:

To check out her homepage, visit Jessica Smith.

Your walking friend, April


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