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The Step Diet

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This book has been around for several years now but is a very good one! You can buy it on ebay, amazon or rent it at the Public Library. I love what most of it says and agree with it except a few things on the food part, but the step part is amazing!! It is a wonderful book worth reading and getting tips from.

It was recently ranked one of America’s healthiest diets behind an in-patient diet treatment center and ahead of Weight Watchers.

The baggy pants are proof.

“They’re a size 26,” said Brenda Willis.

She used to be more than 100 pounds heavier.

“I couldn’t button them. They would just cut into my stomach they were so tight,” she said.

How she went from a desperate overweight woman to a sexy 51-year-old is shockingly simple.

“No pills, no diet. I don’t even call it a diet, I call it a journey,” said Willis.

It took only a pair of sneakers, a pedometer and a place to use them both.

The Step Diet is simple, not strict.

It counts steps not calories.

The diet recommends starting slowly, adding just 500 steps a day. That’s only 3 to 5 minutes worth of walking.

“Every week, you’re only progressing by 500 steps. By the end of 12 weeks, you’re at 10,000 steps a day which is roughly 5 miles. And about 60 to 75 minutes,” said Brad Linder, a fitness trainer.

Brenda Willis used to be a size 26. Linder runs a boot camp in Coppell. He says the Step Diet is terrific because dieters can speed up, or slow down, as needed.

People don’t even need to change what they eat at first.

They simply cut back 25 percent.

It was very small steps that got Brenda Willis going six years ago.

“Doing a little bit is better than nothing, so I would get on there 5 minutes. The next night 5 minutes. And then I’d build it up to 6 minutes, 7 minutes. Then I got up to 45 minutes,” said Willis.

Over 15 months, it added up to 140 pounds.

A new life and new habits that have lasted.

So well, in fact, Brenda’s husband Bob is now taking his first steps toward losing weight.

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