April Walks

Virtual Races with Medals

I am so excited!!  I am not able to get to all the walks like I used to and have missed them very much!  Well now, I can still do them virtually and even earn bling!!!  You can get your medals, bibs, sometimes tshirts, etc.. from different sites that offer all kinds of races.  It is so amazing!  You can walk, run, bike, treadmill, trail, in your house stepping in place, just anyway you can them in.  You can even break them up.  All you have to do is finish and you will earn your medal!  I will be doing my first 2 this month.  I will be going to a nearby park and walking a 5K for one of them and another one I will be doing a 1 mile stepping in place in my house.  Below is 2 different videos that tells a little about them  from 2 different sites and further below is links to all kinds of virtual races.  Just choose your favorites.. 🙂

Here are several links below with new ones added as I get them:

Virtual Strides Virtual Run Events Gone for a Run
USA Road Running Virtual Pace Series Running on the Wall
Will Run for Bling Virtual Races for Charity FitFam
Virtual Race Runner Yes.Fit

Off to earn my medals!  Hope you have fun earning them too!

Your walking friend,

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