April Walks

Walker Tracker


I am VERY partial to this site! I have been using it for years. A lot of sites charge but this site is absolutely FREE. You can pay and go to pro anytime but the free part is all you ever need. I have met a lot of people on there and it has kept me so motivated. It has awesome stats, so you can see how you are doing even years back. I try to beat mine from the month and year before. You can also join in on fun challenges, etc.. Be sure and check it out. Go to: http://walkertracker.com/ Then if you have a business and want to join the corporate one you can. But for individuals either scroll down to Individuals, or just click this link and go straight there: http://community.walkertracker.com/

Add me as your walking friend on Walker Tracker as: walkinggirl

Happy Stepping!!

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