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virtualwalking I love doing virtual walking and am always in the search for new ones. I found this one and it can be used with your pedometer or as an app. It is in km but I just put in my steps and don’t worry about that part.. 🙂 Here is more info about it below:

World Walking invites you to find fun in fitness and reap the benefits of a healthier, active lifestyle.

There many upshots to getting up and about, like reducing your risk of heart disease and helping you keep to a healthy weight and shape, but exercising a positive attitude and a little spirit of adventure can do wonders too. Yep, walking does as much for your mind as it does your body.

And this is where World Walking really comes into its own. Offering you goals to aim for and promoting a sense of purpose and community.

Be inspired, stay motivated and keep fit.

path World Walking is your ticket to the greatest places on Earth. Find out lots about your world as you go. And collect awards for your achievements!

If you have the will, we have the walks, fun challenges for people of all ages and fitness. All you need to be a World Walker is our free app (or a pedometer) and a taste for adventure.

Whether you are a solo explorer or part of a group, World Walking has the perfect virtual walk for you. From taking in the sights of top cities to trekking across a continent, you simply start walking and accumulate your steps to accomplish greater distances than you’d ever imagine.

Involve your family and friends and see even more of the World!

Why not put that adventure seeking impulse to good use and tackle a World Walking route to raise funds for your favorite charity?

Take your first step and join World Walking today. It’s free and it’s easy

For more info or to sign up, go to: World Walking

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