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Zoo Walking Trails

Walking_Trails_sign I haven’t been to the Oklahoma City Zoo in forever!! I want to go on these trails bad. So that is another thing I will be doing in the near future. Below is info on the 9 walking trails at the OKC Zoo. All Zoos everywhere are a perfect place to get your walking in and have fun at the same time.

Now, nine new reasons exist to visit the Oklahoma City Zoo! Developed by ZooTroop, the Oklahoma Zoological Society’s young professional group, the Zoo Walking Trails showcase the healthy benefits of visiting the Zoo. The trails also offer the aesthetic value of scenery and safety. Along each trail, you can see exotic wildlife and beautiful landscaping, and appreciate a safe environment with staff, security and EMTs on grounds.

The nine trails range in distance from .32 miles to 2.87 miles, providing novice and experienced walkers with a variety of opportunities to enjoy the trails. To regularly benefit from the walking trails, ZooFriends memberships are a plus. For less than a gym membership, you can purchase a ZooFriends membership and have a place to be active and outdoors 362 days a year. Memberships can be purchased at zoofriends.org. For more info on these trails go to: Zoo Walking Trails

Get your Walk on!!

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