I am VERY partial to this site! I have been using it for years!  A lot of sites charge but this site is absolutely FREE!!  You can pay and go to pro anytime but the free part is all you ever need. I have met a lot of people on there and it has kept me so motivated. It has awesome stats, so you can see how you are doing even years back. I try to beat mine from the month and year before.

You can also join in on fun challenges, etc..  The latest is their Halloween challenge, called Spooky USA!  They have several to choose from and you can do them as a group or on your own.   There is also one where you challenge the Greeks, see below:

Challenge Three Greek Myths!

Try out challenges by starting a private challenge against our resident Greek Myths: Athena, Odysseus and Icarus. Just click on one of the following challenges to start it instantly:

Charts: Create: 7 day challenge →
Race to the finish line over 7 days. Walker with the highest step count wins.
Maps: Create: 24 day challenge →
Walk around Mt. Olympus. Everyone with an average daily step count of 10,000 or higher wins.

Integration With Every Major Activity Tracking Device

Upload your step data automatically! Walker Tracker integrates with every major wireless pedometer and wireless activity tracker on the market. FitbitMisfitJawboneGarminWithingsStriiv, Microsoft, Apple Health, Google Fit

Mobile Apps for IOS and Android!

Be sure and check it out. Go to: http://walkertracker.com/

Then if you have a business and want to join the corporate one, here is more info from them:  Walker Tracker started over 10 years ago as a community site for walking enthusiasts. We’ve grown to become one of the leaders in the corporate wellness market.

We’re doing it one step at a time. Get up, stand up, and walk. We believe in the democracy of walking. We believe that just about everyone could be happier, healthier, saner, smarter, faster, tougher and better looking by just adding a few extra minutes per day of walking. And we believe that with our knowledge and the technology we offer, we can transform the culture of your company. We’ve powered the wellness campaigns for cities and universities, Fortune 100 companies and non-profits. We have walkers in 77 countries. We’re always changing and learning more. If you want to partner with us, we’d love to hear it.    https://walkertracker.com/partners.php

Add me as your walking friend on Walker Tracker as: walkinggirl

Your Walking Friend,

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