Tips for getting Steps in the Winter

Let’s make this the best year yet, on getting our steps in!  I wanted to give you some tips in what is helping me getting my steps in for Winter.  I hope some or all help you too!  

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Tips for getting your Steps in during the Winter:

  1.  Wear a pedometer or activity monitor
  2.  Walking Tapes
  3.  Dance around your house  🙂 
  4.  Virtual Walks
  5.  Mall Walking
  6.  Stepping in place anywhere – everywhere
  7.  Charity Walks – I will be adding more every week
  8.  AVA Walks – They have indoor and outdoor walks
  9.  Walking with the Wii
  10.  Indoor Walking track at gym
  11.  Treadmill Walking
  12.  Airport Walking – Great tips from the CDC
  13.  Walking Outdoors – Safe Winter Walking

And something special for you!  To help you stay warm…… Treadmill Walk- Sunset Beach with Sea Sounds for indoor Treadmill Walking and Cycling

So Relaxing!

I hope these tips helped! Stay Safe!

Your walking friend,

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