Walking gifts for everyone on your list!  Men, Women, Kids, Seniors, Pets, etc.  Walking is so healthy for everyone and this is a wonderful way to show you care.  Whether to reward or motivate, these will put a smile on someone’s face and yours for helping them be healthy!  

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Dog Walker Gift Charm Bracelet Stainless Steel Expandable Bangle

Looking for a way to thank your dog walker? How about this cute charm bracelet. Trendy expandable style bangle comes adorned with a laser marked pendant with Dog Walker, a dog, fire hydrant, dog bone and a sneaker pendants. Makes a great addition to the stack on the wrist. Expands to get on and off your wrist, no clasp to deal with! Fits most wrist sizes.
Comes in a drawstring organza pouch ready to gift.

Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Dogs

Keep an eye on your dog in real-time 24/7, and keep them fit with this all-in-one dog GPS tracker. Activity monitoring, virtual fences that alert you if your pup leaves a safe space, incredible coverage.

TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash with Anti-Slip Handle

Tug Pet Products began with a focus on pet leashes. Our #1 rated Original Retractable Leash offers dog and cat owners a comfortable and reliable way to walk their pets. If needed, these leashes can withstand some serious tugging.

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor | Health & Fitness Tracker for Dogs | Waterproof, Small & Lightweight (10 g) | Not a GPS Tracker

Track activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, calories burned and overall health 24-7
Battery life up to 6 months; Tough, rugged and waterproof, FitBark 2 fits dogs of any size
Link your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Health Kit or Google Fit device and build healthy habits together
Monitor mobility, anxiety and skin conditions through changes in the FitBark Health Index and Sleep Score
Loved by dog parents in 130+ countries and more than 50 vet schools and research institutions worldwide

Crossbody YUCKY PUPPY Dog Walking Bag + Dog Treat Bag

Head off on your dog walk–and screen your calls as you walk thanks to our combination of dog walking bags and crossbody phone bags!

Perfect for outings to dog-friendly restaurants, stores and coffee shops as well as your daily dog walk.

WalkingPad Series

WalkingPad Black Friday

Maintain and improve your health by engaging in a light exercise in short bursts of time with Walkingpad treadmill. Help you reduce the dangers of a sedentary life.

Walk On: Walk the Weight Off 30 Day Plan (Low Impact High Results Program) [3 DVD Set]

What makes this program different:

Our recommended 30 day rotation is printed right on the back of the box so it’s hard to misplace and easy to stay motivated and on track with your daily workout schedule (you can review the full plan before you buy by clicking on the second image provided above).

This efficient, low impact program focuses on a balanced mix of both steady state and interval cardio sessions along with innovative strength training that uses both dumbbells and resistance band work to challenge your muscles in new ways – all while you walk!

Our bonus routines include a healthy back workout to help you work on sustaining a healthy support system for your spine, a standing abs routine to develop balance and a strong, supportive core plus a chair stretch session that’s custom designed for regular walkers just like you.

We also offer three levels of options to choose from with every workout so you can start with us as a brand new exerciser and progress your way up to intermediate and advanced options.

Walk at Home Walk Run Lift Band Bag Bundle with 7 Ring Resistance Bands

WALK, RUN and LIFT your way to a new at-home fitness routine. Walk Run Lift home workout is a full-body, circuit training style workout consisting of circuits of walking, running, and lifting. Walk Run Lift full-body workouts can burn more calories than a stroll around the park! This workout challenges muscles all over the body. With arm-toning, belly-slimming, and leg-sculpting moves, it’s next-level walking that conditions EVERYTHING! Multi-muscle moves that are easy to follow so participants can build intensity. Movement is engineered to the beats per minute of popular music. More muscle engagement leads to higher calorie burn and more muscle tone. This workout session maximizes the efficiency of your exercise time by using strategic interval movements that create results. Strength training is a fundamental element of fitness that will never go away!

I hope these gave you some fun ideas!

Your Walking Friend,

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