I love the Fitbit products! I have had the zip, flex and charge so far. The zip was just to small for me, the flex I loved you could change out the bands to different colors. But the charge is my overall favorite so far because you can see your steps right on the band, it counts not only steps but stairs, has the time and watches your sleep.  Updated Oct 29th, 2018.  I have now been using the Blaze and the Fitbit Flex 2 and love them!  The Blaze is awesome for all the data it has on it and being able to see who was calling you but the Flex 2 is smaller on my wrist and I got all kinds of colored bands for it.  Update July 1, 2023. I am now using Charger 4 and so far have loved all the chargers! But next time I will be trying the Inspire 3. I like the slimmer look than the Charger 5.   And runs cheaper.

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They have an app that is: AVAILABLE ON 200+ MOBILE PHONES—MORE THAN ANY OTHER TRACKER BRAND. Click here to download the app and read more about it, even if you don’t own a Fitbit.

They have even added these cool FITBIT ADVENTURES
Embark on a virtual experience through exciting destinations to discover landmarks, take in breathtaking views & reach your fitness goals.

There is also an amazing dashboard that is with you on the go or at your desk, your Fitbit dashboard is with you all the time. See all your achievement badges, analyze your charts and graphs with ease, and get instant access to the Fitbit community – all in one place.
It’s fun and free (and you don’t even need a tracker to use it). 

On the walk to work, at the weight room or in the last mile.

Somewhere between first tries and finish lines.
Pillow fights and pushing limits. That’s where you find fitness.

Every moment matters and every bit makes a big impact. Because
fitness is the sum of your life. That’s the idea Fitbit was built on—that
fitness is not just about gym time. It’s all the time.

How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals.
And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible.

I have also been using the Fitbit Aria and it syncs perfect with fitbit.  I only weigh once per month on it since I used to be addicted to the scale.  Now it works perfect for me!

Just for Fun! Here are a couple videos you can do using your Fitbit!

I loved this, of course being an 80s Girl and loving to Walk!

How do you Fitbit?  For more info, on the Fitbit, go here

To add me as a friend on Fitbit, search April Walks

Your walking friend,

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