Disney Run/Walk Virtually or in Person

I have never been to Disney Land or Disney World but would love too! I would also looove to WALK, not run..lol one of the many 5K, Marathons, etc. there. I think it would be so much fun! But for now I will have to do it virtually. I have info below of doing it virtually (stepping in place, treadmill, etc.) or doing it in person… 

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In Person

runDisney race is anything but ordinary. Here, you’ll move with magic through enchanted Disney parks the world over. Become part of adventures that could take you under the sea or off to a galaxy far, far away. And from Kids Races to a full marathon, Disney Characters, live entertainment and a commemorative Disney finisher medal all await.


runDisney—Wherever You Are! Join us for a virtual run. Conquer your first 5K or use it to train for the half marathon. Run in your neighborhood, local park or on a running track. Grab your family and get outdoors. It’s your chance to participate with runDisney—right in your own backyard!

Be sure and check them out, they even have a new Christmas one and they are donating to Toys 4 Tots!

Fun Stuff

I hope you all had as much fun as I have learning about the walks and runs! Have fun getting those steps in. *smile*

Your Walking Friend,

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