I found another new fun and awesome fitness instructor Jenny Ford!

When you complete a workout with me, you’ll feel deep inside how incredibly powerful you are, and you’ll walk away with solutions to some of your life stresses! I was recently diagnosed with ‘anxiety disorder’ and it’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Fitness helps keep my anxiety at bay, and can help you with whatever challenges you face. This is the gift and miracle of exercise.

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Step Aerobics Training

A HARVARD study lists step as one of the top exercises to burn MAXIMUM CALORIES.

You could just step in place, but for maximum benefit use the original step platform. 

The Step created the original Step in 1989 and has provided it to health clubs, fitness facilities and individuals in the US, Canada and around the world for over 33 years. We believe that our Original Step with our new Universal Risers and our Step Fitness Weights are our best products ever! Our Steps, Blocks, Weights and Collars are all Made in the USA. Thank you for making the Original Step the best fitness step in the world.

Walk Across America

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