Walk Jog or Run and earn and make money getting your steps in

I wanted to share with you some awesome ways to earn money while doing what you love, walking, jogging and/or running!  You are already doing it for your health so might as well, earn money too!    I have listed several different ways below.  Some will be some great spending money and some could be a full time job for you!

Here are some of the programs below, let’s get started so you can start earning!  

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Apps that Pay You to Walk

Evidation (formerly Achievement) – Get paid for steps, sleep, surveys, and more

Awesome App!!  They pay you (via PayPal, etc) for doing healthy things! Earn for tracking steps, sleep, meals, tweets & more! It’s free to sign up for Achievement and start earning.

Connect over 30+ Android/iOS apps and they will reward you with points for activities such as walking, meditating, logging food, sleeping, tweeting, answering surveys or opting into a challenge.

Very easy to set up!  And start earning money today!!  

Cashwalk: Step Counter&Rewards – Walk, Reward, Repeat!

CashWalk is a free app that allows you to earn money just for walking
or running. CashWalk rewards you Stepcoin for every 100 steps you walk! Earn Stepcoins
and redeem them for cash-valued gift cards from famous brands and products.
You can walk indoors and outdoors as well (even on a treadmill).


Achieve your fitness goals by putting real money on the line. Connect your favorite fitness tracker and beat your personalized step goals to win. 3 steps:  Get your goals, Get moving, and Win money!

Get Paid to Walk the Pounds Off

Healthy Wage 

Another awesome site for earning money!  This one is perfect if you are also working on weight loss.  

Leading academics have found that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly more likely to lose weight. HealthyWage applies that research, offering cash weight loss challenges that model those studies and make losing weight more fun and effective.  HealthyWage (as seen on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless other media outlets) pays you to lose weight. Make a HealthyWager today and see how much you can win when you bet on yourself.

Get Paid to Walk Dogs

Wag Walking 

A Perfect Fit for Dog Lovers!
A great way for animal lovers and pet care professionals to earn income doing something they truly enjoy is to become a dog walker with Wag! If you’re over 18 years old, own a smartphone and prefer an active lifestyle to being chained to a desk, then becoming a dog walker with Wag! might be the right fit for you!

Truly a wonderful way to get your steps in and a wonderful dogs in.  In fact, I have to share this product I got for my dog, you put it on them and they get to count their steps too!!!  It is called Fitbark!!  



  • Boarding HIGHEST EARNERSCare for a dog or cat overnight in your home. Sitters who offer boarding can make up to 2x more than sitters who don’t.
  • Dog WalkingPick up dog walks that fit your schedule.
  • Doggy Day CareIdeal for work-from-home dog lovers.
  • House Sitting, Drop-In VisitsStay with or check up on pets in their own homes.

I really hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have.  They have inspired me to get up and walk!  I hope you have found new ways to get your steps in and earn some extra money doing it!

Your Walking Friend,

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