Virtual Hikes for Treadmills by Tallsky

These are some awesome videos from Tallsky! He makes hiking and other youtube videos. You can use these on your treadmill or even stepping in place at your computer. You feel like you are really there.

Here are some of my favorites, of his hikes below:

Virtual Hike: Moraine Lake, Banff, Alberta, Canada 4K (2019)

Virtual Hike: Smith Rock State Park, OR- Rim/River/Homestead Trails

Virtual Hike: Christmas time at Yellowstone’s Norris Geyser Basin, Snow, Christmas Music

Virtual Hike: Hobbit Beach, Oregon, at Low Tide, 1 Mile (4k)

Virtual Hike: Arlington National Cemetery – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (10 min hike)

For more of Tallskys 139 plus hikes, go here

For all of his videos, go here

I love taking these virtual walks with all my walking friends!

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