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MapMyWalk is a fitness tracking application that enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities. Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. You can even effortlessly save and upload your workout data to MapMyWalk where you can view your route workout data, and comprehensive workout history.


Smarter Training

Turn your phone or smartwatch into your coach—track your workouts and get tons of data and tips to help you run better.

Custom Workouts

5K? Marathon? No matter where you’re at, get personalized Training Plans built just for you and your goals.

Strong Community

Create your own custom challenges to push yourself and your friends. For extra motivation, reach out and find support from the entire UA MapMyRun™ community.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned runner, this app has what you need to stay on track and motivated to hit your goals. Get customizable Training Plans, personalized coaching tips to make running feel easier, and an inspiring community of over 60 million athletes all supporting your shared commitment to health and fitness.

Stay active, no matter where you are, with these free Healthy at Home resources designed for at-home fitness:

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