Sitting is killing you. Being sedentary or sitting, is associated with many
health risks, including a 112% increase in diabetes risk, 147% increase in
cardiovascular disease risk, 90% increased risk in cardiovascular mortality
and 49% increased risk of all-cause mortality.

Just one day of sitting decreases insulin sensitivity, which elevates blood sugar and forces
the body to produce more insulin to effectively metabolize incoming
carbohydrates. Without activity, the body isn’t able to clear triglycerides
from the blood which leads to cardiovascular risk. Being sedentary, alters
4,500 genes and 34 metabolic pathways that determine how well the body’s
cells function. Research is quite clear, it is no longer debatable,
sedentary behaviors are an actual cause of disease.

At one time the television was blamed for our lack of movement, however, the
truth is, it is not the TV, but our sedentary jobs and lifestyle habits.
When scientists compared the lifestyles led by those in the 1800s, a time
period when diabetes and obesity were unheard of, versus the modern desk
jockey, they found, on average we walk about 5 miles less per day which is
roughly 10,000 steps, give or take a few.

We need to get up about every 30 minutes and move, below is a way to get some movement in even if you can’t get up.

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And if you can get up, here is a couple 500 step videos for you to do. Just do one then after another 30 minutes do another one.. 🙂

And here is another on by a beach!

Let’s get those steps in! And get blood flowing!

Your walking friend,

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