These dvd’s are great for a virtual walk on your treadmill or simply stepping in place. So far I have had 5 of them. If you want to feel like you are really outside walking this is for you.  I also have 2 virtual walks for you to do right now, further below!

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Drop pounds as you have fun!

Virtual Walks DVD is here to give you more fun as you exercise!
In full HD, you will instantly feel like you are anywhere in the world walking in the city, forest and everything you can think of in nature.
Lose weight and/or get healthy while watching these relaxing videos on your TV!

Here are a few DVD’s below:

3 Disc Set Combo Pack – Best of Thailand Virtual Walks

27 Disc Set DVD Supersale Collection – Scenic View Routes in HD for Treadmill Walking Weightloss – Virtual Tour at Home with Nature Sounds

I love these walks! Below is 2 different virtual walks for you to try out!

And visit their awesome site to see more plus downloads at:  Virtual Walks

Happy Walking!  Your Walking friend,

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