I grew up with Kathy Smith videos and her awesome Walk Fit audio tapes. I remember before I got a treadmill, I would walk all over the apartment getting my steps in listening to her tapes. Tom loved it and eventually got me a treadmill to start using.

 I have more info about her below, along with some wonderful videos through the years and a FREE 10 minute walk!

Forbes calls Kathy Smith a “Fitness Titan” for good reason. With her iconic library of exercise videos, Kathy has stood at the forefront of the fitness and wellness industries for more than 30 years. And with her highly-acclaimed podcast and all-in-one workout app, Kathy remains at the cutting edge of a business she helped to pioneer. The Kathy Smith empire boasts over $500 million in sales – with a collection of New York Times bestselling books, videos, lifestyle products and fitness equipment – and a spot in the Video Hall of Fame.

Power Walk for Weightloss

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Kathy’s awesome videos and books!

Visit Kathy Smiths website for more videos, health and food tips, her blog, podcasts, etc.

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