4000 Steps per day, New Study! Plus Videos

In a new study, A team of scientists led by Maciej Banach, a professor of preventive cardiology at the Medical Academy of Lodz in Poland, analyzed 17 studies that followed more than 200,000 people for an average of just over seven years.

At around 4,000 steps, the risk of dying of any cause also began to fall significantly. Every extra 1,000 steps was associated with a 15 percent reduction in the risk of dying of any cause.

This is great news for people that struggle to get 10,000 plus steps. Every step counts!

That translates into a 30- to 45-minute walk, or roughly two miles, although it varies from person to person. And to help keep your blood sugar lower after meals, get up and walk at least 1000 steps.

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You can get them in by walking, dancing, stepping in place watching TV or doing a walking video. Treadmill, stepper, etc.

Below is some videos to get 4000 steps in!

Step Conversion Calculator

Get your steps in, we can do this!

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