I wanted to share a site with you that I just love! I came across Dr. David Sabgir’s newsletter a few years ago and just loved him! He is so funny but also very caring and passionate about walking and his patients. More about him below:

Walk with a Doc was started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio. Frustrated with his inability to affect behavior change in the clinical setting, Dr. Sabgir invited his patients to go for a walk with him in a local park on a spring Saturday morning. To his surprise, over 100 people showed up, energized and ready to move.
Since that first event in 2005, Walk with a Doc has grown as a grassroots effort, with a model based on sustainability and simplicity. A doctor gives a brief presentation on a health topic and then leads participants on a walk at their own pace. Healthy snacks, coffee and blood pressure checks are an optional part of a Walk with a Doc event. The Walk added an Executive Director in 2009 and focused on building a program that could easily be implemented by interested doctors in other cities around the country. As a result of these efforts, the reach of Walk with a Doc now extends all around the globe with
over 500 chapters worldwide, in 30 plus countries around the world!

To read some of the walkers stories, click here!

Join a Walk

Regular physical activity, like walking, is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, so we’d love to have you join a local Walk with a Doc program! Each event starts with a brief discussion on a health topic from a healthcare professional. For the remainder of the hour, you’ll walk at your own pace and have the opportunity to connect with others. The walks are FREE and open to everyone of all ages and abilities.

Virtual Walking Opportunities

While our volunteer doctors would love to have you join them at an in-person Walk with a Doc event, we know that’s not always possible. We want to encourage you to establish a regular walking routine on your own or with a friend/family member (for 100 different reasons). Check out these opportunities for you to get connected and walk with us virtually!

Walk at Home with Walk with a Doc

Health Videos for Your Walk

Our doctors have put together a series of 55 short videos on various health topics for you to watch or listen to before/during your walk at a local park or in your neighborhood.

For more info on Walk with a Doc and to join their newsletter, go to: Walk with a Doc

Your Walking Friend!

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